About Us

MyTravelPackages.com is an original idea never been implemented before in the Middle East. Prominent investors in Lebanon decided to implement this idea into MyTravelPackages.com the website and our Mobile Apps are unique, modern and original design and built using the latest technology in order to present Travel packages and deals to anyone in Lebanon to view, search, find and Buy online.

Our idea and message are simple. We combined tens of Travel Agents and agencies packages and deals under one roof. We placed it online making us the first Online Travel Agency with a system that allows us to add all the information required for anyone to easily book online, find out if there are availabilities regardless how many adults, children or infants travelers a booking is based on. With our system updated at all times, you can easily save time and effort to learn more about all packages and deals within clicks online without having to call any Travel Agency and wait hours to days for an accurate answer as basic as are there any more tickets or hotel rooms available?

My Travel Packages is a legal Lebanese corporate entity. (SARL)
MTP staff on a daily basis work hard to ensure all the database is up to date, accurate, available and guarantee all MyTravelPackages.com users and visitors the most accurate database of all travel and vacation packages and deals available by Lebanese travel companies, suppliers, and travel agencies departure point Beirut International Airport.