How it Works Website, Apps and Platform is designed and developed for the Lebanese average Internet user to be very user-friendly, clear, and easy to use. Our Homepage lists the BEST DEALS packages in Lebanon based on popularity and prices for that destination, hotel, and other feedback our system chooses for you.

Todays Best Deals

Our Staff on a daily basis and sometimes hourly finds the best deals and ensures to be the first ones to post these deals online. Every day the packages and deals listed in this section reflect literary all the BEST DEALS available in Lebanon to book today based on supply and demand.

Crazy Deals

All packages and deals available in Lebanon are one of the same regardless what travel agency introduces it to you, how they sell it and how they market it. What we did is we get all the packages as they are sent to each Travel Agency and we enter it into our one of a kind system to make it each package as clearly as possible. All packages database belong to 16 types of categories. Our system lists them for you. You can for better and easy search, choose how the system lists them for you by adding search by criteria. You may filter the results by:

-Date of Departure

You have the ability to use the Search Bar to type your search. i.e:  Name of the city (Paris for example)
Our Search System will list all packages available from Lebanon by all Travel Agency providers to destination Paris.

You have the ability to use the Search Bar to type the name of the Hotel you want to stay. The system searches the entire database to produce the results and find any and all the packages available for that Hotel globally, or per country and city depending on what you type in the Search bar

Marriott Turkey
Marriott Istanbul Turkey

You may search for deals and packages by entering the name of the city and/or country. System is unprecedented in the MENA region. We worked very hard in order to be able to present to you Charter flights and packages. If you visit any of the Global Online Traveling and Booking websites you can search for flights, hotels, and cars. The reason why you do not see Packages, Deals, and vacation Tours etc… is because the man-hours involved to keep up with such very limited data, dealing with cancellations, already set departure dates, charter and already booked rooms for best deal prices changes, availability, and guarantees.

This is why the idea of MyTravelPackages was such a catchy idea prominent Lebanese investors got together and took on the responsibility to design and develop one website, one platform and APPS for all Travel Agencies to use and unite their communications in one place. At the same time, saves all travelers the time to call and visit Travel Agencies to find out what any Travel Agency in Lebanon can offer you. saves you the time, driving around, calling your travel agents or even visiting Travel Agencies websites that cannot compete with us as we are one website with hundreds of sub websites one for each Travel Company. Even if you visit the famous travel agencies websites you will find how hard it is to understand what any packages and deals are all about. In some cases, you will see a PDF to download as if it is a brochure which is sent out to other Travel Agencies.

Enjoy browsing and please visit us daily as we are adding new packages on a daily basis. If you do not find what you are looking for means no Travel Agency has any offers to suit your travel needs at this time. We will be the first to announce it. Some packages come out 30 days before departure date. But the majority you have several months from booking it now till departure date. Some packages you can book for next year.

Why would anyone book these deals now?

In some cases, the price might double few weeks before departure date. MyTravelpackages GUARANTEES you 100% the lowest price in Lebanon and we are so confident that we offer a full refund if you can find such deals at cheaper prices for the same exact departure date, flights, and hotel room. Booking NOW also gives you the time to arrange getting your visa when applicable. If you wait until the last minute and you do not have a visa for your destination and for some reason you get denied the visa? No travel Agency in Lebanon will refund your money. As any Traveling website or agency cares about selling you and all the terms & conditions for such low prices are suited to protect their interests and not yours, here at our full-time staff are on Standby 9 hours a day to take your calls, emails and live chat support to explain to you and make it clear how easy it is to travel at such low prices to the same destination and hotels you are forced to pay hundreds of USD more per person for the same exact Deal just because you are not familiar with how the traveling industry works specifically in Lebanon!