What We Do

My Travel Packages SARL has built a Web Platform and Mobile Applications for all Travel Agencies in Lebanon to use to promote, sell, and advertise all their Packages, Deals, Vacation Tours and Charter flights. Anyone in Lebanon that visits MyTravelPackages.com will find all the available packages and Deals created by all Travel Agencies at amazing prices. This is why MyTravelPackages.com calls all the packages in our database updated by our staff hourly and daily CRAZY DEALS

MyTravelPackages message is clear:

  1.  All Packages are reviewed by Travel Experts in the industry and handpicked based on their popularity
  2.  All the Prices are final prices 100% guaranteed bookings with full transparency such as no hidden fees.
  3.  Any package sold by any Travel Agency in Lebanon and we have over 1400 Travel Agents, are one of the same Deals and packages created by a hand full of companies in Lebanon
  4.  MyTravelPackages.com Prices are 100% GUARANTEED to be the cheapest and best Deals available in Lebanon period!
  5.  MyTravelPackages.com staff work daily to enter all the available new Deals, last minute packages, and charters.
  6.  It is IMPOSSIBLE for any Travel agency in Lebanon to offer you a better deal as MyTravelPackages.com already has chosen all the available Deals in Lebanon and manually
    • Lowered the price for each package
    • Each City has Different packages based on
      - Hotel
      - Room Type
      - Added to the price all taxes and fees so you do not get fooled by any marketing and selling techniques.
      - Duration
      - The Travel Agency that created the charter and deal.
    • Each package you know who is the source and who created the package (Travel Agency Name). Even if you contact the Travel Agency Directly you will find out MyTravelPackages.com pricing for the same package is lower than the source.
    • MyTravelPackages.com wants your repeat visits. Our ideology is you to find any and all packages, tours, vacations charter flights offered from Lebanon to the destinations of your choosing.

All in one place.

Our strategy is to chop any profits and any commissions from all Deals in order to gain more traffic, repeat visitors, and for you to realize in this industry 100% transparency? Means if you purchase any package from any travel agency? Rest assured they are making profits from you and you are definitely not getting their lowest price available for the same exact thing. Unlike Travel Agencies MyTravelPackages transparency, the first unknown vital fact is we inform you who is the company and major Travel Agency that created this package.

MyTravelPackages.com is built to the highest levels of web and online platform in order to get Travel Agencies to join and use our platform. You the traveler wreaks the benefits of all our hard work, lowering pricing, guaranteeing the benefits no one else can because our business module is not based on generating financial gain from commissions and reselling. Travel Agencies never tell you but rest assured all that they do is resell the same packages. We, on a daily basis add, update, and on hourly basis ensure and Guarantee no one can beat our prices, and as long as you BOOK from us, you are guaranteed your seats, your hotel room and all the amenities listed for each package.

MyTravelPackages.com Dedicated staff are working for you to ensure all that you do is choose the right package that suits you, the best departure day, and the rest we are here to help you by making all the necessary calls and work behind the scenes to make it as easy as possible for you including and not limited to getting you the VISA when applicable.